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     In Provisional Certificate of Approval (CofA) No. A420010 issued by the Ministry of Environment for the operation of a landfill site at the Baggs Road location there were provisions not only for the creation of the North Renfrew Landfill Operations Board (NRLOB) to manage the site, but also sections 59 through 63 provide for the creation of a separate body to monitor the ongoing operations of the site.  This separate body is the SITE LIAISON COMMITTEE (SLC). As defined in their Terms of Reference the SLC consists of not more than six members of the local community, with duties to oversee the operation of the landfill site as separate observers and to work with the NRLOB and the local residents to ensure a smooth, clean and trouble free site operation and, as stated in the Terms of Reference to "...act in advisory role to the Board and ... make formal recommendations to the Board.".
     Funding for the SLC is provided through the NRLOB budget.   NRLOB is also responsible to provide a meeting place and secretarial services for the SLC.  The Chair of the SLC, elected by the SLC members, sits as a full observer at NRLOB meetings and is a non-voting member of that body.  The Waste Management Co-ordinator advertises regularly in the local press for SLC members, provides secretarial services to the SLC, and refers to the Board for approval those persons wishing to become SLC members.  All complaints received from local residents are reported to the SLC in order that they can ensure that proper remedial action has taken place.  The SLC Chair presents a report of SLC activities at each NRLOB meeting.  The advertisements that the SLC places in the local press from time to time are paid for through the NRLOB budget.
     The SLC issues an Annual Report which forms part of an SLC Appendix to the Annual Status Report required to be issued by the Board to the Ministry of Environment.
    The current SLC Chair is Laurentian Hills resident Annie Oesinghaus, an AECL employee with a keen interest in the operations of the North Renfrew Landfill site and the environment, and who has several years experience as an SLC Member.  She can be reached at

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