The North Renfrew Landfill Operations Board has nothing whatever to do with the operation of the Miller Road landfill site.  Located on Part of Lot 6, Concession XIII in the geographic Township of Buchanan, now in the Town of Deep River, which lands form a part of the AECL property, the Miller Road landfill site is leased and operated entirely by the Town of Deep River.
     The Miller Road site was closed to household waste in 2002 when the Baggs Road site opened.  The Town of Deep River successfully applied for an amendment to the Certificate of Approval under which the Miller Road site had been operated.  This amendment allows the Miller Road site to accept Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste from the residents of the Towns of Deep River and Laurentian Hills until such time as the final contours originally approved for that site are achieved.
     At the current fill rate the Miller Road site should be able to accept C&D waste for a number of years into the future.  The ability to landfill the C&D waste at Miller Road increases the number of years that the Baggs Road site can operate, and thereby provides a direct benefit to the residents of both Towns.
     The Miller Road site operates on a user-pay basis with tipping fees paid by those making use of the site.  Fees are collected to pay operating costs and to provide funding for monitoring costs for 25 years after site closure.  As operator, the Town of Deep River collects these fees.  
Prior to taking C&D to Miller Road, contractors and residents of both Towns must obtain a tipping permit at the Deep River Town Hall, pay the fees, and then turn the paid permit over to the site operator at Miller Road at the time of disposal.
     Only C&D waste will be accepted at Miller Road.  C&D waste will NOT be accepted at Baggs Road.  Under the applicable Town of Deep River By-Law 4–2005 — 

Section 1.5  "Construction and demolition waste" means all non-hazardous low metal content waste from construction and demolition clean up projects consisting primarily of wood, blocks/stone/bricks, non-metal roofing material, insulation, waste furniture, window glass, non-metal siding material, concrete and small amounts of plastic and fiberglass waste.

    Metal waste such as plumbing pipes; metal ceilings, siding, or roofing; reinforcing rods; metal studs; I-beams; stoves, refrigerators and other such appliances; angle iron and heating ductwork will be accepted at the Baggs Road site for recycling, without payment of tipping fees.
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